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Interesting theory on why WWE changed Nikki Cross’ last name

Nikki Cross is now being referred to as ‘Nikki A.S.H. – Almost a Superhero’ after the gave herself that name this week on WWE Monday Night Raw. WWE has registered for the trademark so it looks like they will be using that name going forward.

The superhero gimmick is something she pitched a while back and it got approved by Vince McMahon but the name change had fans wondering if it was something she wanted or if there was a conflict with an NXT star that is about to move up to the main roster.

Bryan Alvarez was asked on Wrestling Observer Live if Karrion Kross moving up to Raw or SmackDown soon could have something to do with Nikki’s name change.

Alvarez said, “That could be part of it. One of the keys is that they’re spelled differently, so I don’t know how militant Vince is going to be about having two Crosses on the main roster when one is spelled one way and another is spelled another way. My guess is that you’re right, because Karrion Kross is doing the tryout matches on main event and then Nikki Cross the same week gets a new name. So, I would not be in the least bit surprised. I’m not reporting that, everybody, but I would not be surprised if that’s why she got her new name.”

Karrion Kross has been getting dark matches in the last couple of weeks and he appeared on last week’s Main Event. Bronson Reed just dropped the NXT North American Championship to Isaiah “Swerve” Scott and he also has been getting tryout matches. One has to assume that Kross will be dropping his NXT Championship soon so he can make his move to the main roster. If that is the case, then the name change for Nikki follows Vince McMahon’s pattern of making sure that wrestlers don’t have similar names. In the mid 2000s, McMahon changed Shane Helms’ name to Gregory Helms because Shane McMahon was part of the active roster.

h/t to Ringside News for the quote

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