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Iron Sheik talks to Jim Ross about past drug use, his movie, The Rock, CM Punk, and more

The Iron Sheik is the guest on this week’s Ross Report podcast with Jim Ross.

Sheik talked to Ross about how his career started in professional wrestling, being the Shah or Iran’s bodyguard, his Olympic wrestling background, getting started with Verne Gagne, working in Oklahoma, Portland, and then the World Wrestling Federation in New York.

He also talked about how drugs and alcohol came into his life. He talked about being in the Mid Atlantic territory and not being a drug user or drinker at the time but he would feel pressure to socialize with the wrestlers so he’d have a drink. That would later turn into drugs. Sheik’s longtime friend and filmmaker Jian Magen talks about Sheik’s drug use in the early 2000s. He says that Sheik was under the influence the entire time he saw him when they first started working on his documentary. He said that they didn’t want to ruin Sheik’s legacy so they didn’t use the footage and they tried again later. They found out that Sheik was masking some deep, dark feelings from the loss of his daughter. Sheik’s daughter Marissa Jeanne Vaziri was murdered in 2003.

He also talks about meeting Ric Flair when Flair was overweight at well over 300 pounds. He gives his thoughts on Brock Lesnar. Sheik says that Brock is the greatest today but back in Sheik’s day when Sheik was younger he doesn’t think Brock could handle The Iron Sheik. Sheik also put over Bob Backlund as one of the best wrestlers.

The Iron Sheik movie The Sheik is available now on at the following places:
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The  movie will be available on DVD later this year. Names featured in the movie include Jim Ross, Jake “The Snake” Roberts, Dwayne Johnson, Ron Jeremy, Hulk Hogan, Seth Green, Mick Foley, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Nasty Boyz, and Jack Black.

Former WWE Diva Melina and Ken Shamrock will be on the podcast soon. You can listen to the podcast with The Iron Sheik below.

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