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Is Hulk Hogan returning to WWE?

Hulkamania could be running wild again in WWE, at least according to Hulk Hogan. There were rumors that Hogan would be back at WrestleMania 33 and there were some hints that a return at Mania was in the cards. His name was being integrated into the WWE Network spots, he was being brought up in articles and the timing was right because he was opening another “Hogan’s Beach Shop” minutes away from the Citrus Bowl, the site of Mania 33. There’s also the Brooke Hogan interview with TMZ where she told them that her father was in talks to return for Mania.

For whatever reason, he did not return at but there are apparently some talks going on to make it happen. Earlier this month at an autograph signing in Los Angeles, a fan asked him if he would return to WWE. Hogan admitted that he and Vince were talking but did not give any more details.

So, what happens if Hogan returns to WWE? Most likely, he will be used as an ambassador for the company. Anything is possible but I highly doubt that he will wrestle another match and it’s probably not a good idea considering that he has serious hip and back issues.

It’s Hogan so you never know if he was just working the fans but this time there seems to be more smoke to the fire with the Hogan rumors because, as you can see below, the WWE Kids magazine in Europe features a poster with a mix of current Superstars and Hall Of Famers. The first poster features John Cena, Ultimate Warrior, Hogan, The Rock, Roman Reigns, Triple H, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Bray Wyatt and Chris Jericho. The other side of the poster only features Hogan. During the Gawker trial, the directive was to not feature Hogan in any new promo material and his name was scrubbed from WWE Network commercials. Things have changed so it’s not a matter of “if” he’ll be back but a matter of “when” the time is right.

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