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Is it already too late for Bayley?



Bayley made a surprise return on Monday Night Raw and she was automatically thrown into the Raw Women's Title match at No Mercy. However, when she made her way out on the ramp, her reaction wasn't too good. Some people are actually starting to wonder if it's already too late for Bayley to turn it around.

San Jose is her hometown crowd, therefore, she received a little bit of a positive reaction but it should have been better coming from someone who used to be thought of as the "female John Cena." She held the NXT Title before coming to WWE and was hyped as being a big deal upon her debut but things seemed to taper off from there for Bayley.

"I'm not saying it's irrevocable because nothing is irrevocable in wrestling but man, they damaged the hell outta [Bayley]" Dave Meltzer said on Wrestling Observer Radio. After all, The Hugger has lost in San Jose and was really diminished in her hometown before. WWE hasn't done Bayley any favors in recent months and somewhat buried her in favor of pushing Alexa Bliss and Nia Jax.

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"So the four-way is now a five-way cause Bayley's back" Meltzer continued. "Her shoulder's healthy and that's good -- her shoulder's healthy. The bad is she's back with no direction and just so not over."

Therefore, there are positives because it's great Bayley is back and able to compete. But her character might have already suffered too much damage for it to really matter at this point.

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