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Is John Cena turning heel? A sad note on Daniel Bryan’s father

Last night on Raw the storyline for the Bray Wyatt-John Cena feud seemed to be hinting in the direction of John Cena possibly turning heel because the fans were turning against him. That could be the case but that’s just speculation right now. It would be crazy for them to turn Cena heel because John Cena’s merchandise is selling 5 times more than the number 2 guy on the roster.  A heel turn will hurt his merchandise sales.  Cena was facially selling the angle on Raw last night like the fans were turning on him so I guess we’ll see what happens.

As noted before, the angle for Daniel Bryan was done at the start of the show so he could leave to be with his family since his father passed away. Sadly, his father was only 57 years old.

News from the Wrestling Observer radio show was used in this post. Please visit for subscription information.

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