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Is WWE punishing Paige over recent non-PG video?

Some fans may be wondering what is going on with Paige since WWE has booked her to lose matches in the past couple of weeks. She even lost a match on WWE Main Event this week.

Paige did the "pipebomb" promo on Raw a couple of weeks ago and things seemed to be trending positive for her character. She was supposed to be in the Hell in a Cell match but those plans seemed to have changed and it's looking like the match will not be a three-way, as originally planned.

Paige dropped an F-Bomb last week on a Facebook video Q&A that was setup by WWE. She was told by Scott Armstrong to not use foul language. Dave Meltzer was told that she is not being punished for that and there are still plans for her stemming from her "pipebomb" promo. I presume Meltzer was told that by WWE.

I guess we'll find out soon enough if she's really punished or if they will use her better going forward. If you didn't see the Paige video where she dropped the F-bomb then click here to watch it.

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