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Issues with JBL may have contributed to Mauro Ranallo's recent bout with depression



Mauro Ranallo has yet to return to WWE TV after missing three straight weeks of Smackdown Live broadcasts. Ranallo has posted a couple of brief statements on Twitter and has only kept in touch with his closest friends like Bas Rutten and Frank Shamrock. His issues with bipolar depression are well-known, and as he has talked about in interviews, they date back to his teenage years.

Apparently, the shots from JBL got too real and while Ranallo has not said anything, Rutten has hinted at and outright told people his feelings about JBL. On Twitter, Rutten said, "I mean, he was a pro wrestler, but please, you always take care of your broadcast partner. Always." That was after a tweet referencing JBL that read: "I’m flaming those Ahole (s), JBL, whatever is his name."

People close to the situation say that the situation with JBL and Ranallo had been building after JBL would take shots at Ranallo for being so active on social media. JBL also took a shot at Ranallo on an episode of "Under The Table" for retweeting so much and for referencing his Announcer of the Year award from the Wrestling Observer newsletter readers. JBL seemed annoyed by the Observer reference and ripped on Ranallo's announcing and pop culture references. That was said to be one of the things that triggered Ranallo's recent bout with depression. Apparently, JBL didn't realize that the comments triggered Ranallo because he took a shot at Ranallo on Twitter after the show when the company realized that he would not be at Smackdown. The story was that he would not make it to the show because of the snowstorm but obviously, there were other issues at play. JBL later deleted his tweets and has not mentioned Ranallo.

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WWE has not commented on the story.

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