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It looks like Paige got a tattoo they can't show on television



Paige might have to start wearing gloves again on a regular basis because she just got a couple tattoos that WWE certainly doesn't want on television. For that matter, Mattel probably wouldn't feel comfortable putting this on an action figure either.

But the Anti-Diva recently visited a tattoo shop and got "talk sh-t" on one hand and "get bit" on the other. This isn't the first time Paige has suggested getting a crazy tattoo if you remember her run on Total Divas she proposed getting a full chest piece and even showed up to the event with a stencil on to show people what it would look like. But they obviously declined on it.

Now it looks like Paige can do whatever she wants when it comes to her hands, or maybe she used a loophole when they told her she could only get small tattoos. But those are pretty noticeable. She already had a few tattoos already and it looks like her collection is growing. It's just an interesting choice for sure.

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