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It looks like Toni Storm is not coming to WWE so soon

When Toni Storm’s name popped up as appearing for WWE during their June tour of the United Kingdom pro wrestling fans familiar with Storm’s work got very excited about the idea of her actually making an official appearance for WWE.

But the Mae Young Classic standout didn’t sign with WWE last year leaving a lot of opportunities for her elsewhere. Now as WWE and Storm seem to be getting closer to each other Casey Michael from Squared Circle Sirens reports Storm will have to wait until at least July.

Toni Storm is signed with Stardom until July when her contract runs out. Stardom was cool enough to let Storm go in June so she could be back for the WWE United Kingdom Championship mini-tour but she can’t actually sign a deal with WWE until she’s a free agent.

If WWE is planning something in the UK that might really be stepped up if/when ITV announces a renewed World Of Sport program and our sources say this could very well be the case very soon.

As exciting as it might be to have Toni Storm in WWE it’s also important to remember that she very well could only receive a contract much like the rest of the UK roster received where she will remain low on the totem pole but still able to work other dates with WWE’s approval. Only time will tell though because a talent like Toni Storm could break WWE wide open if they let her.

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