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Jack Swagger looks pretty intense during his MMA training with a former WWE Champion

Jack Swagger recently turned a few heads when he signed a contract to fight MMA for Bellator. Now it looks like he’s training nonstop and getting ready for his big debut with the company. Oh yeah, and Swagger is training with Batista now, so that’s super cool.

Swagger recently posted a picture of himself after a training session and although he looked a bit tired, we’re sure he has plenty of gas left in the tank. The fact is that Swagger was always one of those guys on the WWE roster who could legitimately fight someone. When Conor McGregor was throwing around his insults toward WWE, Swagger’s name was certainly someone tossed around who might be able to teach McGregor a lesson. Of course, he considerably outweighs Conor, but that’s another story.

The point is Jack Swagger has the skills, he’s young enough, and he certainly has the drive. Now that he’s set his goal in the MMA world who knows how far it will take him? He certainly looks like he’s ready to take on all comers as he boldly proclaimed “show me how you live… show me how you fight.”

That’s some intense talk for sure.


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