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Jack Swagger says Christian and Zeb Colter will be back on TV soon

Jack Swagger sat down with MTV UK to promote WrestleMania 31. He talked about his friend Christian who lives down the street from him. Swagger revealed that Christian will be on TV soon "jumping through your television of computer screen very soon."

"He's a little busy... counting his money, I guess," Swagger joked about Christian. Christian's last appearance was as guest host of Monday Night Raw along with Edge on December 29th. It's believed that his in-ring career is over becuase of multiple concussions and injuries from his years in the ring.

He was asked about Zeb Colter who has been off WWE TV for the last couple of months. Swagger said that Colter will be back on TV soon. Colter's last appearance on WWE TV was on December 1st when he was the victim of a backstage attack by Rusev. The storyline reason for why he's been gone was because of a broken leg.

Click here for the interview.

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