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Jake Roberts calls out ESPN host over Andre The Giant comments, Sting reflects on his surfer character

The Dallas Observer has an article on WWE Hall of Famer Sting living Waxahachie, Texas for the past eight years and his upcoming appearance at the Texas Frightmare Weekend. During the interview, he talked about how he will put on the face paint from time to time but doesn’t mind leaving his surfer character that he portrayed in WCW in the past.

“I think nobody is expecting early ’90s Sting at this point. I think everybody wants the Crow Sting anyway. That’s the one most fans will remember, and it was more of a worldwide deal at that point. Surfer Sting was a worldwide thing, but it wasn’t as globally strong. I don’t have enough hair on my head to grow a flat top anymore.”

– WWE Hall of Famer Jake “The Snake” Roberts called out ESPN Radio host Dan Le Batard on Twitter. Roberts was upset with Le Batard for recently referring to Andre The Giant as a “world class drunk.” He tweeted out the following:

“SPORTSCASTER. SCREW you Dan lebatard (whatever) for calling ANDRE a world class drunk. Class really?? Shut your hole mouth!!! No disputing Andre enjoyed drinking. I knew him for 35years and saw him drunk only once. Besides MOMMA said never bash the dead. That’s all.”

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