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Jake “The Snake”Roberts gives high praise to Bray Wyatt, offers to help Randy Orton

WWE Hall of Famer Jake “The Snake” Roberts recently spoke with Justin Barrasso of about the Bray Wyatt – Randy Orton feud. Roberts said that it’s great that Wyatt is WWE Champion but he is worried that WWE pulling him away from his character. He said that the fans were chanting that Wyatt deserves it on the SmackDown Live after the Elimination Chamber PPV event and questioned why that is a chant for a heel. He doesn’t think it should be like that but noted that’s just the nature of the business these days. He believes that Wyatt needs to be the one to do something crude and wrong to get more heat.

He believes that Wyatt needs a prolonged run with the belt to redefine the meaning of a champion in the company. He said that they need to keep his character and the title for a while. He said that if this is just WWE quickly using Wyatt to change the guard then it’s a waste of time. He pointed out that WWE has really hurt his character in the last year and that they’ve watered it down.

Switching gears to Randy Orton, Roberts believes that there is something missing for him and he wants to help Orton with it. “Randy Orton has a lot of going for him. He’s just missing that last little piece. I would love to spend time with him and see if I could help him. I’ve offered that before, and no one replied, so there you go. It hurts because I love the business and I want to give back to it. It’s a damn shame that I reached out and didn’t hear anything, it made me sick to my stomach.” Roberts added that he is surprised that WWE hasn’t turned Orton into a babyface yet that way Wyatt could reunite with Luke Harper and Erick Rowan.

You can read the entire interview here.

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