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Jake "The Snake" Roberts talks about the unexpected conversation he had with The Ultimate Warrior before his passing


During this week's "DDP Snake Pit," Jake "The Snake" Roberts talked about his 2014 Hall of Fame induction and the problems he thought would come along with it.

Jake Roberts discussed his bad history with The Warrior in 1991 and what he thought was going to happen when they both went into the Hall of Fame in 2014:

Jake, recounting Vince McMahon telling him he may be working with The Warrior in 1990, shares that Vince said ‘I'm not saying you're going to because here's what you gotta do. You gotta go to his dressing room and talk to him and see if he'll work with you. You have to ask his permission to work with you.' I'm a little bit pissed right now."

"I went to his (The Warrior's) locker room and knocked, and he cut a promo on my ass. He told me he didn't care about me. He didn't care about my family. But if he's going to work with me, I have to be on time. I had to be sure to not miss any shots and that I better not flunk no drug test, and yada, yada, yada. He just read me the riot act. He never did look me in the eye, just stomping around the room in a circle back and forth marching around. I'm like, 'Okay', and he goes, 'Okay, get out.' He dismissed me. I was so fu**ing angry at the way he treated me."

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"Then we started doing all these vignettes. I had to take time off, which meant no money to do these vignettes to where we're going to line it up and work with The Warrior. What happens? The SummerSlam in the Garden, he holds Vince McMahon up for a million dollars. They had to bring a million dollars in cash to him at the arena. They had to have two guards to get that money out of there to wherever he wanted it to go before he would go to the ring."

"Now I'm hearing this stuff and I'm thinking, 'This is not cool. This is not good', knowing that tomorrow I start my program with him. After his match, I found out there's not going to be a tomorrow because Vince McMahon, and I was standing right beside him when he fired him, said, 'You're fired. Get the fu*k out of my building.'"

"So I go to the Hall of Fame, and I'm wanting to get my two cents worth because of the way he treated me in the locker room. I wanted to knock him out. That was in the back of my mind."

"I turned the corner and he was right there. I stopped and he looked at me and said, 'Jake, please let me apologize to you.' He was so humble and so sincere. My mouth just fell open. Is this same damn guy? He said, 'I know I screwed you out of millions. I'm so sorry.' Then he turned around and made himself available for my kids and my grandchildren, and I had to let it go."

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