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Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts tells gruesome story about wrestling with his bone popped out of his arm

Recently, WWE Hall Of Famer Jake “The Snake” Roberts was a guest on the “Joe Rogan Experience” podcast. Roberts talked about several topics, including being abused as a child, suffering some devastating injuries over the course of his professional wrestling career, his battle with addiction, and so much more.

During his conversation with Rogan, Roberts told a horrific story about an injury he battled through over the years. One thing that was made very evident throughout Rogan and Roberts’ conversation was how huge of a pain threshold the Hall Of Famer developed over his career.

Roberts told a story in which he shared the ring with WWE Hall Of Famer and former NFL star Ernie “The Cat” Ladd. During the match, Roberts suffered an injury in which his arm became broken, and the bone actually stuck out of his skin. Roberts merely brushed the injury off and insisted on continuing to wrestle. However, Ladd was so disgusted by the ordeal that he threw up all over Roberts and the ring:

“I felt no pain when I wrestled. None. I was wrestling a guy in Louisiana, Ernie “The Cat” Ladd…he’s in the Hall of Fame for both football and wrestling….bad ass son of a bit*h…we were wrestling and my bone came out of my arm, compound fracture. He goes, ‘Kid, your arm.’

“I go, ‘Yeah, I see it. Come on.’ He goes, ‘What? Get away from me.’ I’m trying to get to him and he starts puking on me. I’m like, ‘Mother fu*ker, you’re puking on me!’ ‘Your arm man, your arm, it’s fuc*ing bone, dude!’ I’m like, ‘It doesn’t hurt. Let’s finish the match.’ [puking sound] ‘Fuc* you, I’m getting out of the ring.’

“Man, he could puke out a bunch of sh*t man, nasty smelling sh*t too. I was fine. I got back into the locker room and this was the strangest feeling; I’d blow on the bone. ‘Ooooh it feels cold when I blow on the bone.’ 15 minutes later, I was in the shower, ‘Holy fuc*. Holy fuc*!’ The adrenaline’s gone. When the adrenaline’s going, nothing hurts. It feels good, in fact.”

Rogan and Roberts’ conversation is truly an amazing podcast. Give it a listen here below:

H/T WrestleZone for the transcriptions

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