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James Ellsworth continues to prove he's a class act



When James Ellsworth was released from WWE a lot of people didn't see it coming. In reality, being defeated by Becky Lynch and finally dismissed by Carmella via a kick to the head should have been a good clue his character was being written off. But it still strung to read the news about his release from WWE.

If you've ever heard anything about James Ellsworth's true character before it's that he's a fantastic guy and one of the nicest people in pro wrestling. He is a true professional and game for just about everything. Now it's his turn to take on the world's indie circuit.

But as he considers the fact that he won't be traveling with his friends anymore, Ellsworth has nothing but amazing things to say about his former employer and co-workers.

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Mike Kanellis sent Ellsworth a message thanking him for being such a great traveling partner. James Ellsworth is an inspiration as he proved anyone with two hands has a fighting chance. Ellsworth's reply was pretty amazing as well.

Of course, he's still the same funny guy he's always been. When he saw a clip from the current season of Total Divas it rocked his work to discover Carmella has been dating Big Cass the whole time. It looks like all that swooning and acting like Mella's thirsty puppy dog was all for not.

WWE might realize they need a guy like James Ellsworth back and rehire him eventually. After all, his positive influence on the locker room was certainly apparent. He loves the business and has dedicated his life to sports entertainment. If he did make an eventual return after traveling the world's indie circuit, who knows what other valuable assets he could bring to the table the next time around?

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