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James Ellsworth has been fired



It looks like James Ellsworth is done with WWE. Last week, we noted that Ellsworth was brought back without a contract and he has continued to take independent bookings during his latest run. Last week, Carmella brushed aside the notion that she was his girlfriend and this week it looked like he was written off TV.

For those of you that missed it, there was a contract signing for AJ Styles' next WWE Championship defense at SummerSlam. Ellsworth walked out and began to insult Paige. However, the General Manager had enough and she had security come out to remove Ellsworth from the arena. The distraction allowed Samoa Joe to attack Styles before signing the contract.

Ellsworth could always be brought back at some point in the future because he is liked by everyone and has a good rep backstage. This latest run has helped to get more bookings and I'm sure it has helped to get more listeners to his podcast so everything worked out for him.

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