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James Ellsworth helps AJ Styles retain WWE World Championship at the WWE TLC PPV

During the Kickoff show, the announcers said that James Ellsworth was at home because of the brutal attack from AJ Styles at last week’s Smackdown Live. Obviously, that was not the case because Ellsworth showed up towards the end of the match. They had tables, ladders, and chairs set up everywhere in the entranceway. There was one massive ladder by the big screens and a ton of ladders and chairs underneath the ring. Some of those chairs were used in the match.

There were several crazy spots in the match including one with Ambrose diving off a ladder onto Styles through one of the announcer’s tables. Later, Styles did a springboard 450 somersault dive on Ambrose through a table at ringside. Styles attempted to climb the ladder but he stopped when he saw James Ellsworth (in a neck brace) walking towards the ringside area. Styles attacked Ellsworth and was about to hit Styles Clash on steel steps but Ambrose made the save. Finally, Styles and Ambrose climbed up the ladder but Ambrose fought him off and but James Ellsworth pushed the ladder and Ambrose crashed through a table at ringside. Yes, Ellsworth has turned heel.

Ellsworth cheered on as Styles climbed up the ladder and grabbed his title.

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