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James Ellsworth to challenge for the WWE World Championship on Smackdown Live



James Ellsworth came out on Talking Smack to talk about what he did at the end of the WWE TLC pay-per-view. Ellsworth said that he has Styles' number and now he will go on to challenge him for the WWE World Championship on Tuesday night. Daniel Bryan was very upset at Ellsworth for his actions. Ellsworth was clearly acting like a heel here and it was probably time that they did something different with him because the crowds were starting to turn on him.

Bryan said that Styles will hurt Ellsworth on Tuesday night and then Ambrose will REALLY hurt him. They showed a clip from the end of the TLC pay-per-view. Ellsworth took off his neck brace and said that his number one goal is to win the championship on Tuesday night. Bryan kind of blamed himself for giving Ellsworth false hope.

My guess is that Ambrose and Styles will destroy Ellsworth on Tuesday night.

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