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James Storm explains why he didn’t sign with WWE

James Storm spent a minute in NXT in 2015 and when I say a minute it wasn’t even enough time to say he had a cup of coffee because it was more like an espresso. But before fans knew it, James Storm was back in Impact Wrestling where he came from and it looked like Beer Money was going to reform. Of course, that didn’t happen with Bobby Roode as his partner because Roode took off and he’s never been seen or heard from again. Wait, oh yeah that’s right he’s currently on SmackDown Live and it’s absolutely Glorious.

WrestlingInc recently asked Cowboy James Storm why he didn’t sign with WWE. Storm took this chance to address the rumors saying the only reason why he turned down WWE was due to the low amount of money they were offering. As it turns out, his reasons were quite valid as he went on to explain them quite succinctly.

“A lot of people say it was money, but it wasn’t. It was a family thing,” Storm said. “Hunter told me they’d run 100-125 shows over the next two years. My wife wanted to have another kid, but she had to do shots, and I had to be at home a lot more. It was a decision: do I go and live this crazy of wrestling in the WWE or do I stay home and help my wife have another child that she wants? I decided that my family was what is really important to me.”

Some decisions are tough to make and this one had to really be a conflict for James Storm. But he’s still enjoying his life and putting things into perspective as he continues his own journey in professional wrestling.

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