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James Storm gives details on what WWE had planned for him this year, how the training session with Ronda Rousey happened

James Storm appeared on Busted Open Radio to promote his children’s book called “Make Your Own Luck”.  He also talked about the talks he had with WWE this year, the NWA and much more.

Here are some highlights:

Storm talked about WWE calling him this past January: “I had another month left on my NWA contract. The Thursday before the Royal Rumble, the WWE contacted me and asked me if I would like to come in. The bad thing is, I didn’t get the email until after the Rumble when I got back home on Wednesday because the email on my phone was not working. They said, ‘well, since we are getting into WrestleMania season, let’s just hold off everything until right after Mania.’ I talked to Billy Corgan and told him whatever you guys need me to do to go out the right way that I would do it. They were going to plan a show around WrestleMania weekend and I was going to drop it (the National Title) down there and do good business on the way out the door. I don’t think it was to come in for the Rumble because they never did say. You know how it is. You never know until it’s over with really. I felt that way because it was on that Thursday and I didn’t get to answer the email until I got back home on Wednesday. It was Heyman who wanted to bring me into RAW and he said I need guys like you who know how to work. I tell everybody all the time that WWE, AEW and New Japan have guys that can do every move in the book. There is no move you can come up with that those guys can’t do. But, there are a lot of guys who don’t make it believable anymore. They (WWE) wanted me to come in to help their younger guys.

Storm said he recently worked out with Ronda Rousey and Travis Browne: “It was just a one day deal. I had to go out there for Dave Marquez’s Prime Time PPV. One of my buddies has a training school. I guess Ronda and Travis had been going there. He mentioned to Ronda that I was in town. He said to please tell him to come by and see if he will work out and stuff. I said yea [and] I went to this undisclosed location. I got in the ring and worked out with her. I’ve always been the guy because I’m old school that’s against intergender wrestling. I always thought, ‘can a woman really whoop a man?’ But, I’ll tell you what. When she was standing across the floor from me, I was like, ‘yea, I don’t think I would want to be in the cage with her.’ She was showing me some of her judo throws and I was like, geez.”

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