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James Storm on if The Young Bucks overuse the Superkick

The Young Bucks are one of the hottest things going in pro wrestling and there’s a very good reason for it. Not only are they entertaining but they also highlight some of the most popular stables in pro wrestling throughout their move set. They have the cease and desist order to prove it.

Riju from Sportskeeda recently spoke to James Storm who utilized his own version of the Superkick in his move set. Storm calls his signature move the Last Call superkick and he was asked if he thought The Young Bucks did the superkick a disservice by over using it.

“I think if they overdo it, it’s up to them,” Storm said. “They made money off it. Other people do it. That’s fine. When I’m in a match with someone, I only use it once. I always say, ‘they can knock people down with theirs, but I knock people out’. I mean, you didn’t see Shawn Michaels throwing 4, 5, 6 superkicks in a match. Just one of those things. You know, Shawn protected it and I’ve been using it for fifteen years. Anytime I’m in the ring, I try to protect it as well.”

Whether The Young Bucks overuse the Superkick is a matter of opinion. But the fact remains that no matter how much they’d like to, WWE can’t threaten legal action over them over using the move. Therefore they can take people to Superkick City whenever they like.

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