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Jamie Dundee compares Vince McMahon’s business strategy to Grand Theft Auto

Jamie Dundee recently appeared on The Two Man Power Trip podcast to discuss the current state of the pro wrestling business, if he saw the wrestling business evolving into what it is now, and if it is Vince McMahon’s fault. Here are the highlights.

On the current state of the pro wrestling business:

I ain’t never watched wrestling unless I’m on the tape. If I’m not on the show I ain’t got to f*cking watch it. Once I see me, I think I’m the best, I love me, I think I’m the f*cking greatest so once I see me I don’t want to watch anybody else. I guess that’s because of growing up in the wrestling business. I bet Dale Earnhardt Jr. doesn’t watch Nascar. But today it’s not the wrestling kids fault, they just want to f*cking wrestle. Vince McMahon has taken it to a place where I heard he went to bed a billionaire and woke up a millionaire. When you lose three-hundred million in a 24 hour period if he does that two more times he’s broke.

On if he saw the wrestling business evolving into what it is now:

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It’s like anything the f*cking mafia, magic, wrestling, the circus. Once you let the outside world in you’ve f*cking killed it. I knew David Copperfield didn’t make the Statue of Liberty disappear but I didn’t want to know how he did it because I saw it disappear and I loved it and I didn’t care how he did it. Same with wrestling, if the people can f*cking turn the TV on and call the match then obviously why would you pay to see it. It’s like everyone knew wrestling was a work but they didn’t know how. Once you let the outside world in and by making a show called Tough Enough or by doing other things that Vince McMahon did. But he doesn’t give a f*ck about what I’m saying driving to Tullehoma, Tennessee because he’s got a billion dollars in the bank. The wrestlers, there are hundreds of guys that can’t get a job because they are wrestlers and coming from the old school they knew if there character wouldn’t do certain things so Vince McMahon said f*ck you, I’ll make somebody that can do that. It’s not the wrestling guys fault.

On if it is Vince McMahon’s fault:

I’ve always said he has a video game with real people. He’s killed them, he’s discarded them, he’s OD’ed them. He’s done everything you do in video games. Grand Theft Auto is no different than Vince McMahon playing with real people.

You can listen to the entire interview here: