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Jamie Noble provides update after being stabbed last week (GRAPHIC PHOTOS)

Jamie Noble has posted an update on his Facebook page since the incident that took place at his home late last week. Noble noted that he was viciously attacked in his front yard after a man claimed that Noble cut him off. Despite apologizing several times, Noble says that the incident escalated and he was stabbed several times.

Noble wrote, “I was viciously attacked in my front yard. One coward got out of the car saying I pushed him off the road. I immediately apologize because I was on the road all week and Just that night alone I got off work Tuesday night and drove from Cleveland to Princeton so I could have been tired and drifted over the yellow line. None the less I apologized and he could have called the cops. But no that’s not what happen.”

He added, “I pulled in to my house and the car rolled up on me the guy was talking and getting out of the car at the same time as I said shit dude if I cut you off I’m sorry. At that point the first punch was thrown it hit me. The guy got cocky and started talking shit like a punk. He tried a second shot and ended up on his head and me on top of him pounding the shit out of this trouble maker. At this point his two pussy friends that I didn’t see jump out of car and start in on me. I refuse to quit and at less one pulls a knife like 3 on 1 wasn’t enough.”

Noble said that the person stabbed him once near his spine and the blade went in between his ribs and hit his lung. Noble also says that they tried to cut his throat and his girlfriend ran out and saved him from more damage. He also said that he ended up in the hospital but with his lungs filling up with blood he needed to be medevacked to a bigger hospital and he felt like he was having a heart attack. He did say that he is getting better everyday and he thanked his family on facebook.

Noble is offering a $200 reward for anyone that can get him the name of the people responsible and another $500 if the lead turns out to be legit.

Noble posted these photos on his Facebook page:


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