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Jason Jordan has been given a new role in WWE



Since being put on the sidelines with a neck injury, Jason Jordan has been working as an agent, also known as a Producer, for WWE.

Jordan underwent successful surgery in 2018 to repair a neck injury. The procedure is called a minimally invasive posterior cervical microdiscectomy. He hasn’t been cleared to wrestle since. has a new report about WWE making various changes to several departments in the company as part of the re-tooling done by WWE President Nick Khan.

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Mark Carrano, who is gone due to the trash bag incident with Mickie James, had been second in command to John Laurinaitis in the Talent Relations department. WWE referee John Cone, who had been working in the department in addition to his referee gig, is now in that spot and the right-hand man to Laurinaitis.

At least 1-2 others have been added to that department. Once Laurinaitis was moved to that department, there were changes made to the ranks of Producers.

It was said Jordan has been given a new role and larger responsibilities as he took over Laurinaitis' former role as Lead Producer. This means he is overseeing all the others Producers at events. These Producers help wrestlers put their matches together.

Finally, Adam Pearce has moved up within the company over the last several weeks, but his exact new role isn’t confirmed just yet.