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Jaxson Ryker says he is not a racist: Black Lives Matter is ‘basically a terrorist group. It’s garbage to me’

Former WWE star Chad Lail (Jaxson Ryker) spoke out for the first time on the “Wrestling For The Faith” podcast to talk about the statements he made that got him in hot water with co-workers and fans. Following comments about Black Lives Matter and Donald Trump, he was pulled from WWE television.

Ryker addressed what he said about Black Lives Matter. The following was posted on his Facebook account in 2019: “Pretty touchy subject but all this black lives matter garbage baffles me. I challenge anyone of any color or race to go watch 12 years a slave, the movie and realize how good you all actually have it. Learn heritage. Christ, Gandhi, Budda; they all Taught love and caring for others. This is getting out of hand. I Pray for this nation daily.”

Lail addressed the statement above on his podcast. He said, “So I guess what they attacked was the ‘Black Lives Matter garbage.’ Now you and I can go down a list of things if we want to talk for two hours of what that organization stands for. They stand for dismantling fathers. Yes. Dismantling families.”

Lail then had his co-host read BLM’s mission statement from their website and then he continued to explain what he said on Facebook:

“It’s all anti biblical things that we look at where God made man, God made a woman to unite together to man being the head of the house and you have spoken about this [and] that doesn’t mean we’re a forceful, mean presence in the family. We’re loving like Christ, we love our bride like Christ loves the church, basically. If you read all of that, it’s all anti Biblical stuff. It’s taking the father’s away. It’s transgender stuff. And look, guys, as you’re listening to this, we’re approaching this with love, as we always do any subject, we’re not pointing fingers, we’re not saying oh, this that, what we’re saying is this is where we’re standing on biblical truth when it comes to these things. And these organizations…I’ll say this, that Facebook post could have been worded completely differently, you know, on my behalf. Now the movie 12 Years a Slave, if you haven’t seen it, I believe it was filmed in 2013. An incredible movie about a free black man who was basically kidnapped, put into slavery for 12 years beaten. I mean, just dude, the movie made me cry because look, racism is real. It happens this day in time. I mean, it’s real. Like we have things that we can do to prevent this. So my meaning behind that was, the things that the slaves went through, you can hear some people in today’s America talking about, ‘oh this is Nazi America’ or ‘this is slavery’ and no, no, we have to open our eyes and realize that was true slavery. Is there racism? Yeah, there’s racism between black, white, white, black Chinese, whatever. It’s real, it’s legit and … what I would definitely word differently is my Buddha thing. I don’t want to sit here and say, ‘Oh, I believe we should all coexist.’ No, ultimately, Christ is the peacemaker. He is the truth, the life the way. So I would take Buddha out, I’d take all these other quote unquote, religions out, and I would say that Christ stands for loving your brother, uniting with your brothers, whether you know, no matter what color or anything. So that’s really what that Facebook post was about. So I can clear the air on that and say that I don’t believe I said anything wrong. The BLM garbage to me, what they stand for, basically a terrorist group. It’s garbage to me.”

Lail continued, “I want to say Dr. Brown touched on this one time, and I don’t know the numbers, and I can look these up and we can tweet this out when it happens. But the BLM Movement supports, you talking about black lives here, right? If you look at the number of the African American black baby that is aborted per year, it is unbelievable. And this group supports abortion, they support the murder of unborn children. So that there tells you something.”

Lail also pushed back at people who say he’s a racist: “First of all, I’ll throw this out there. I have a mixed half sister. Okay. As a boy from the age of I guess five to probably seven or eight, I literally lived in basically an all black neighborhood. Some of my best friends in high school, blacks. You know, I have never once been the guy who on social media threw out an N bomb or say even say that word. You know what I mean? Some people’s going to hear this and they don’t even care, it’s not gonna matter. But to some who’s listening, they’re gonna be like, oh, like their eyes are gonna be open. On a weekly basis, I get a chance to link up with some teen boys at North Carolina boys home who [are] blacks, whites all together. So if I was this big, crazy racist, I wouldn’t be any part of that. You know what I mean? ”

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