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Jazz says her wrestling days are over, can only wrestle tag matches because of bad knees

Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling

Former WWE star Jazz was interviewed on the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast to talk about her WWE run, her husband Rodney Mack, winning the Women's Title, her feud with Trish Stratus, and more.

Here are some highlights:

Jazz talking about being trained by The Junkyard Dog:

“JYD, I’m not going to lie, I was a little star-struck right there because JYD was one of the biggest household names of all time. There was Hulk Hogan and then there was JYD. I was a little star-struck in the beginning. He was the type of guy who most definitely focused on sharing his knowledge as far as the business side of it. He didn’t do too much training in-ring and stuff like that, but I got to travel with him on the road quite a few times. I saw how he would network, hustle, and make money. He didn’t take sh*t from nobody. If you’re going to use his name, you’re going to pay him. That was a great experience with him just learning the business side of it.”

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Jazz then trained with Rod Price in the ring and got a tryout 8 months later in ECW:

“I did my try out in ECW. It was with (Tommy) Dreamer and Paul (Heyman). We (her and her husband Rodney Mack) were living in Louisiana. Rod said that ECW was doing a loop in Louisiana and told us to get our sh*t together, hit the road, get in there, and let them see us. I waited until the last day to get in the ring because I didn’t think I would be a fit because of what I was seeing. I was seeing Francine and Dawn Marie going at it in panties and bras. I didn’t think they would choose me to get out there and do that. Dawn was like, ‘Girl, you better get in that ring and show them what you got.’ That’s what I did. I got in the ring. I had a match with Jason Knight and it all worked out.”

Jazz said her wrestling days are over:

“My wrestling days are about over. I’m trying to do this tour. I’m going to fill some dates in 2022 and after that, I’m going to be strictly behind the scenes. I work with NWA. I’m an agent/producer for NWA now so I’m happy with that.”

Jazz went on to say, ‘It’s a retirement tour. I’m only now accepting tag matches. I can’t do any singles matches. My knees are all jacked up.”

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