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JBL confirmed story about Enzo Amore’s backstage heat on Bring It To The Table, says he won’t last long

Big Cass and Enzo were the Realest Guys In The Room until Colin Cassady decided to kick his little buddy’s head in. Before Big Cass drew first blood, he commented on Enzo’s mouth and how he constantly had to be the one sticking up for him.

A little bit after Big Cass and Enzo’s breakup a story came out about Enzo getting kicked off a bus by Roman Reigns. Enzo had to dress in the hallway apart from the rest of the boys due to his backstage heat. It seemed like Big Cass’ comments about Enzo might have been a little bit more of a shoot than most would have thought.

Just this weekend another story broke about Enzo when a stripper decided to tell-all about Amore’s “high” and “stuck up” behavior. During her story, she said Enzo didn’t tip her well at all which is probably why Corey Graves made a comment on Raw about Enzo not being a good tipper (who are we kidding? That’s exactly why he said that).

On Bring It To The Table, JBL let his opinion go about Enzo where he pretty much confirmed the story about Roman kicking Amore off the bus because he was annoying. JBL also hinted Amore might not last long in WWE at this point. Corey Graves said he wants Enzo on “the team” but reasoned it by saying “the guy has a ton of faults.” But overall he rubs people the wrong way.

JBL didn’t mention the allegations from Queen Bee…YOU HAVE TO READ WHAT SHE SAID. But we can only assume where there’s smoke there’s fire or in this case, where there’s smoke there’s probably Enzo Amore.

You can check out what Corey Graves had to say about Enzo below.

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