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JBL reacts to being snubbed by WWE on important list



Roman Reigns just joined a pretty prestigious list of grand slam champions in WWE. To celebrate this accomplishment and give more hype to it, WWE released a list of previous grand slam champions. However, they seem to be missing one crucial member of this illustrious hall of champions, especially if you ask JBL.

The former SmackDown Live announcer wasn't going to sit back and take this snubbing without saying something though. He promptly got on Twitter to let everyone know he deserved to be on this list as well.

In all reality, he did accomplish a lot in his amazing career and really should be honored for that. Therefore, why not include JBL on this list?

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John Bradshaw Layfield really should be a shoo-in WWE Hall Of Famer and this title of "grand slam champion" shouldn't elude him. Let's hope WWE puts out a revised version in order to appease their miffed former announcer.

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