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JBL’s alleged backstage bullying is apparently worse than we thought

Over the years most of us have heard JBL stories from wrestlers about his alleged backstage bullying. Good-natured ribs/pranks in wrestling are common but many people in the business have alleged that JBL would oftentimes take things too far. Dave Meltzer, who has covered the JBL-Mauro Ranallo story in the Wrestling Observer newsletter, wrote the following on Friday on the Observer forum:

“I have gotten texts and DM’s as well as spoken personally to 15 different Justin Roberts who all contacted me after the article I wrote.

Justin was the only one without any interest in going back who would speak publicly. The rest were just thanking me because they went through the same thing.

It’s way worse and well known that I had imagined.

Only one of them knew Mauro, only their own experiences.”

Justin Roberts talked about alleged bullying from JBL in his new book. There was also the story about Joey Styles punching JBL after being picked on. The story was that JBL was knocked out but the real story was that Styles sucker punched him. There was also the infamous incident from One Night Stand 2005. JBL took several shots at Meanie towards the end of the show and it resulted in Meanie being bloodied and injured. WWE signed Meanie to a short-term deal after word got out that Meanie was considering taking legal action against JBL.

Former Smackdown star Palmer Cannon quit the company in 2006 after alleged hazing from some of the veterans in the locker room. JBL was reportedly one of the people involved and led to Cannon almost getting into a physical confrontation with JBL. That was pretty much the end of Cannon’s career in the wrestling business.

There have been many stories told about JBL over the years. You can listen to some of them below:

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