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JBL’s recent comments about Justin Roberts come back to bite him

It doesn’t look like the JBL-Mauro Ranallo story is going away anytime soon especially if more people start speaking up on things they had to deal with when they were in WWE.

As previously noted, JBL addressed a story told from Justin Roberts’ book about his involvement with the theft of Roberts’ passport. On Twitter, JBL wrote, “I won’t answer Net rumors-but I didn’t take Justin Roberts passport. Could have been anyone/he was hated by the whole crew. He’s an idiot.”

In his new book, Roberts went into detail on the passport incident. He wrote, “They took my passport out of my bag, I got to the airport in Manchester, and I couldn’t get on the plane to go home.” He also said that he had to fly to London and then go to the U.S. embassy to get a new passport. He then had to take a train to get to the airport and then book a flight to Boston so he could make it to Smackdown.

Deadspin got a quote from former WWE star John Morrison (aka Lucha Underground’s Johnny Mundo) regarding the passport story. Morrison said, “JBL asked me and my partner to steal [Justin’s] passport, and we didn’t.” This happened during Morrison’s early days with the company when he wrestled as Johnny Nitro.

Morrison said, “I remember it ‘being a thing,’ you know? We were looking at Justin, he was a few rows ahead of us on this plane, sleeping. We were like, ‘What do we do?’” He noted that he and partner Joey Mercury had become JBL’s targets and they considered taking the passport as a way to get JBL to stop tormenting them. Ultimately, they decided against doing it but Morrison says that he had to deal with Layfield’s torment for years until he fought back in 2009.

In his book, Roberts noted that the issues were bigger than JBL. He wrote, “I was sitting in the production meeting, Vince [McMahon] is running the meeting, and when it ends, he’s the first to leave.” He added, “I was sitting there, and as he walked by me, he just whispered to me: ‘Don’t forget your passport! Ha-haa!” Roberts added, “The way wrestling is entertainment to us wrestling fans, humiliating people was just entertainment to the bosses.”

Dave Meltzer noted in the Wrestling Observer newsletter that everyone is aware of how close JBL is with Vince McMahon and the belief is that JBL is doing what he is being told to do as a way of weeding out people that can’t take it.

I would highly recommend the Deadspin story. You can read it by clicking here.


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