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Steve Fall's Ten Count recently interviewed Jeff Cobb in an exclusive for The full interview will be up soon but given that the Royal Rumble is this coming Saturday night, we posted Cobb's response to the question about him possibly entering the Rumble match.

“You never say never, but it all depends if the stars line up and all that stuff," Cobb said. "If they wanted me for some odd reason, then they would have to go through the right avenues. I don’t think they could contact me directly because I don’t think that’s legal. I’m not sure how those things work, but yea, I mean if they for some odd reason were like, ‘We want to put Jeff in the Royal Rumble’, I’m not good at Royal Rumbles and I don’t want to run down to the ring anyways, but if the stars align, I would be down for that.”

Click below for the video.

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