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Jeff Hardy addresses his future in pro wrestling



Jeff Hardy is known as someone who takes big risks in his matches in order to not only express his style of wrestling but also continue to be a fan favorite. The younger Hardy brother has been with the WWE on and off for the better part of 20 years, but with such a style of wrestling, it has taken a toll on his body.

With his brother, Matt Hardy, who has also taken some risks during his pro wrestling career in such bouts as TLC, steel cage, and ladder matches, he has taken a step back in order to allow his body to heal from the punishment that he has put it through over the years. He's currently serving as an agent for the WWE.

Jeff Hardy recently spoke to to talk about various topics including if he has considered potentially retiring from pro wrestling which has made him a popular name with the fans. A star power that has kept him over in WWE for over two decades now. Jeff explained in this interview that he works every match with the mindset that it could be his last.

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“That’s one thing I don’t know. Because I truly do – especially like the Hell in a Cell match, and even now I have two beautiful daughters, a beautiful wife – but I truly do wrestle every match like it’s my last because even a live event like this Sunday in Arlington could be my last match.”

“The craziest thing could happen within the blink of an eye and it could all be over. So, when I say things like ‘this is far from a retirement speech,’ I really don’t know that because it could end at any moment. So, I just try to enjoy every match like it’s my last, and do what I love to do and that’s entertain the WWE Universe.”