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Jeff Hardy is getting different theme music when fans are allowed back at shows



Several months ago, Jeff Hardy told the crew on WWE's The Bump that the "No More Words" theme song is coming back.

Many fans have been asking for that theme song to make a comeback because of the fond memories associated with it. The theme was used in 2008-2009 around the time when Hardy got a run as the WWE Champion.

The theme has yet to return to WWE television but, according to Jeff's wife, it is being reserved for when fans are allowed back at shows.

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Beth Hardy said on Twitter: "No More Words is being reserved for an actual live crowd."

On a related note, we first reported back in April that Hardy was going to get a big push because Vince McMahon doesn't want him to go to AEW. Hardy won the Intercontinental Championship from AJ Styles this week on Friday Night SmackDown.

Here's a video of Hardy celebrating becoming the WWE Champion in late 2008 with "No More Words" playing during his entrance: