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Jeff Hardy is using a new finisher at WWE live events

Jeff Hardy has been wrestling a hard style for over 20 years. On the latest WWE 24 special, they focused on Matt and Jeff Hardy’s journey back to WWE. But at one point it seemed like they would never return because of their personal issues.

Both of The Hardys have paid a price but Matt has slowed things down in recent years while brother Jeff has continued to do death-defying moves, including an insane Swanton dive off a ladder at last year’s WrestleMania in Orlando.

Now it looks like Hardy is beginning to slow down in the ring. Several fans that attended recent live events have noticed that Jeff has not been doing Swantons off the top rope.

Hopefully, this is permanent because while those Swantons are awesome to see, it’s tough to watch when it looks like he is obviously in pain. I should also note that Johnny Fairplay, who has backstage contacts in WWE, noted on Wade Keller’s podcast that Hardy has lost some feeling in his fingers due to neck issues.

At Sunday’s WWE live event, Hardy used a modified stunner and a splash as his finisher.

Check out the clip below:

Hardy will be defending his United States Championship against Shinsuke Nakamura on Smackdown Live this week.

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