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Jeff Hardy on brother Matt’s retirement: “I don’t think he’s really retired”

The Enigma Jeff Hardy is still going strong 20 years after signing his first WWE contract but fans are wondering about the status of his brother Matt.

Matt has strongly hinted at retirement due to issues with his spine be although he is no longer on WWE television, he has never officially said that he is done in the ring. We recently caught up with Jeff and he tells us that he doesn’t think his brother is done yet.

“I don’t think he’s really retired,” Hardy said about his brother.

We asked Jeff how long he thinks he has left on his own career. “I don’t put a number on it,” he said, “I just take it week to week, year to year and see how it goes.”

Jeff said the worst injury of his career was rotator cuff surgery but he felt good after 6 months of physical therapy. He continues the physical therapy to make sure he doesn’t injure himself again.

He also talked about the worst injury he suffered. Listen to him talk about it in the video below:

Matt and Jeff Hardy’s contract situation will be one of the talking points in WWE because their deals expire in a few months around WrestleMania.

All Elite Wrestling is offering big money to get top names ahead before they launch their weekly television show on a major network but WWE will likely offer big money to keep them so it will be interesting to see how things play out in a few months.

(Thanks to Adam Glyn)

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