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Jeff Hardy opens up about Randy Orton twisting his pierced ear with a screwdriver during WWE Hell In A Cell match

Recently, WWE star Jeff Hardy was interviewed by “The 11th Hour” to talk about several professional wrestling topics. Hardy was asked in particular about his rivalry with Randy Orton on SmackDown Live. Several weeks ago Orton attacked Hardy, and inserted his finger in Hardy’s pierced ear and began to pull it.

During their match at Hell In A Cell soon after, Orton again attacked Hardy’s pierced ear, this time inserting a screwdriver into it before doing the same thing. It was a tough thing for some professional wrestling fans to watch, but it made for good television. Hardy explained the process behind planning out the sickly attack:

“We did the first earlobe deal, you know, with just the fingers and … actually one of the up and coming commentators – I think he’s from 205 Live – he had mentioned it as far as I said, ‘You can twist it too!’, but then he was like, ‘What if you use a screwdriver?’

“And then we kind of threw around ideas, and we both compromised on that certain screwdriver– to put it in, twist it, make it real tight and not rip it off! [Laughs] Yeah, watching that back with Randy’s face was … This is like, wow, they’re doing a good horror movie or something!

“And the fans knew it was coming, you know, because when they saw him trap my arms, they’d seen it before– and they knew it was coming again. So it was great. Overall, that match, I’m extremely proud of it.”


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