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Jeff Hardy talks idea for Cinematic Motocross Match

WWE Superstar Jeff Hardy appeared on this week’s episode of the WWE After The Bell podcast with Corey Graves. The Hardy brother would discuss a number of topics on the show, including his idea for a ‘cinematic’ match that includes his own Motocross track at his personal compound.

“Watching the Boneyard Match? I was envious man” Hardy would begin. “Because I know what it’s like behind the scenes when your film and stuff like that. It’s just so fun and when you’re filming through all hours of the night and then you get to watch the finished product back? That match was amazing, like when AJ came out of that coffin? I was like, ‘Oh yeah, I know what minds this is coming from.'”

Jeff Hardy would then talk about how much the match reminded him of the ‘Deletion’ bouts that he and his brother Matt Hardy created and originated in TNA. “It reminded me a lot of the Final Deletion sure” Hardy stated. “And I think a lot of other people [felt the same]. But that cinematic stuff? It can be really useful if you can get to the all these cool different places to build stuff like that.”

Hardy would then reveal his own idea to have a ‘Motocross’ match at his personal track on the compound. “I was on my motocross track and I had this vision; where if there was some kind of motocross match? Like a ring in the middle of it that was all lit up? But, there was a race going on at the same time. So I’d have all kinds of crazy, nutty ideas. That’s the beauty of pro wrestling, that anything is possible.”

Jeff would finish by saying how it is an ‘honor’ to have matches filmed by WWE that use the ‘deletion’ style somewhat. “But to see that? it’s just an honor. All that Deletion stuff that we did? We were just so proud of all that and it was so fun. That first one it was just like six people out there moving lights and doing our spots and the matches. It was just very fulfilling like when you do something like that and it takes off.”

With WWE having to push the envelope creatively at this time there’s a chance we may see more matches with the ‘cinematic’ styling. Although a Motocross match does seem doubtful.

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