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Jeff Jarrett comments on being fired by Vince McMahon on live TV



On the latest episode of the "My World" podcast on, Jeff Jarrett talks about the days leading up to and including the day Vince McMahon bought WCW in March 2001 and fired Jeff on national TV.

When discussing Jeff’s contract he had with WCW at the time, Conrad Thompson asked Jeff, “You made the jump (from WWF) in October of 1999. It took a few weeks to get the deal done. We’ll call it the end of November. It was a two-year deal. If you executed it in late November ‘99, it would be late November ‘01 before the checks stop coming?”

Jeff said, “Yes, and that gave me comfort, without question.”

Jeff discussed what he thought was going down when Vince "fired" him on live TV to open the RAW/Nitro simulcast:

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“I had a flashback. Put this on and really think through this. 1986 was my first match. Before that, (Andy) Kaufman, David Letterman show, Jackie Fargo, Jerry Lawler, all the folks coming through, my vision of the business, my thoughts on the business, and fast forward, I forgot that opened RAW.

In my mind, if you were to hear that back as a 37-year-old, in my, we’ll call it ego, I, for a thought, and maybe I carried that with me, that Vince is going to shoot an angle with me. It’s all about money. When I heard that he went through all this, who did he pick out? Who did he pick when he really drew it down? He can’t fire me because I’m not hired. I’m getting paid through October, November, December, whatever it is. Who does he have a working relationship that drew money, and when I left in ‘99, was the hottest heel on the card? That’s arguable I’ll say, but a red, hot heel. He’s a business guy.

Who can he take from this roster that he knows will do the job in spite of any circumstance, whether good, bad, or indifferent? My last night in ‘95, I did the job for Shawn. I could have walked out beforehand. I did the job to Shawn and left. Chyna, did the job to Chyna, and left. Who’s willing to do business? He picked me to fire me. We’re doing an angle.”

This was a 2 and a half-hour episode with a lot of backstage stories from that time period. The full podcast is up now at

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