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Jeff Jarrett denies rumors that a deal for the Broken Universe is in place

When Matt and Jeff Hardy made the jump over to WWE there were tons of fans excited to see what the WWE Machine could do with the Broken Universe. But when they appeared at WrestleMania 33 as a surprise addition to the ladder match for the Raw Tag Team Titles they were back to being the old Team Xtreme we all knew from the past in WWE.

GFW recently had a teleconference where Jeff Jarrett fielded some questions on an array of different topics. He was asked about the whole Alberto suspension situation but didn't provide much clarity. He merely alluded to the fact that they aren't going to edit Alberto out of their broadcasts because he felt it would hurt GFW's brand.

But one thing he did open up about to a much larger extent is the current situation of the Broken Hardys. Matt and Jeff both made some really interesting comments on this past week's Raw that made several people believe that the Broken Universe was on the way to WWE. Dave Meltzer even commented that he felt if a deal wasn't already done it was at least close to being settled.

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However when Jeff Jarrett was asked about the ownership of the Broken Universe his reply was very much to the contrary.

Jeff Jarrett said he has a good relationship with Jeff Hardy and has had personal interactions with him. But he also said the intellectual property laws are very cut and dry. Jarrett remarked that there is no agreement for the Broken Hardys to acquire their Broken Universe gimmicks on the table at this time.

Whether this is part of the agreement for him not to come out and disclose a deal has been made so WWE can surprise people even more is yet to be seen. But as of right now the word from Jarrett is that no deal is in place and Double J contributed much of the rumors surrounding the ownership of the Broken Universe to the "wonderful world of social media."

But wait... Matt Hardy to Anthem: "it's gonna get terribly nasty. We have lots to expose" if legal issues do not wrap up soon