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Jeff Jarrett explains what caused his backstage issues with Stone Cold Steve Austin in WWE

On the latest episode of “My World” on, Jeff Jarrett and Conrad Thompson covered Jarrett’s history with Stone Cold Steve Austin and they did a deep dive into what caused their issues that carried into their days together in WWE in 1997-98.

Jarrett worked with Steve Austin in the dying days of the Memphis territory early in both their careers for Jerry Jarrett. Austin previously told the story about looking at his first check for the promotion and he was shocked looking at the low amount of the check. Jeff was asked if he remembers that he walked up to Austin, slapped him on the back, and said, “Keep on staring at it boy. It ain’t going to make it bigger.” This led to Austin not wanting to work with Jarrett when they were both in WWE:

Jeff said, ‘I remember it vividly. Let’s go down the story behind the story. Let’s go back in time. Should I have said it? Hell no because I had no idea and didn’t know until years later until these kinds of stories came out. I don’t even remember the first time hearing it, from Bruce (Prichard) and others, and I’m like, ‘Oh dear Lord.’ I was shocked. I was shocked in so many ways because Steve wasn’t the first person that I said that to.

Matter of fact, you have to laugh about it because if you don’t, you’re going to cry over it. My paychecks were exactly what others were. We got $40 and this happened in Evansville, IN. We got paid on crappy houses, $40 bucks, in Louisville, Evansville, and Nashville. My father always tried to pay a little bit better in Memphis because the gross was bigger. There were a lot of $40 payoffs, and 7 times 40 is $280. So most guys got about $350 a week on the really crappy weeks.”

Jarrett talked about the backstage heat with Austin in WWE, the Austin 3:16 promo, and more.

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