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Jeff Jarrett is working with WrestleQuest, the first-ever Japanese RPG in pro wrestling

WWE/Moonsault Digital

WWE/Moonsault Digital

WWE Hall Of Famer Jeff Jarrett recently spoke with Sportskeeda's Riju Dasgupta to talk about AAA and the reaction to him from Mexican fans, Effy, Cody Rhodes return to WWE, and a lot more.

Jarrett talking about Cody Rhodes going to WWE:

"Cody seized the moment. Hats off to him. Timing is everything in so many ways. The image of him walking up that ramp at AEW and smashing the throne with a sledgehammer and all that is a very, very iconic moment. Now he's a WWE talent. Nothing really needs to be said because Cody appearing at WrestleMania with the entrance, the music, and the American Nightmare and the vibe and everything, to me it's really a strategic move that Cody and WWE did. I don't think the value of the Cody Rhodes American Nightmare brand shift from AEW to WWE can be understated."

Jarrett talking about working on a Japanese video game:

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"I'm working with WrestleQuest, the video game. It's the first ever Japanese role playing game in professional wrestling. My partner in Moonsault Digital, we were having a conversation about the diversity in professional wrestling that's very accessible. You can turn on YouTube and watch Lucha Libre, you can watch Japanese wrestling, you literally can watch wrestling all over the world. So the talent pool out there is massive. There's so many opportunities."

Click below for the full interview and scroll down to see the WrestleQuest trailer.

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