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Jeff Jarrett reveals which career moment he looks back on as making the wrong choice

On this week's "My World with Jeff Jarrett," Jarrett hosted an "ask Jeff anything."

Jeff Jarrett was asked how he ended up working with GCW earlier this year:

"GCW approached me a couple of different times. It wasn't anything they did or I did, but the timing just didn't really align at all. But last year, launching the podcast, that thing really got rocking and rolling quick, which I'm very grateful for, but all of a sudden, different promoters weren't saying, 'Hey, can you come sign autographs?,' or 'Hey, I want you at this convention or that convention', because I had been on the convention route for several years," Jarrett began.

"Then obviously, the pandemic, and then before that I had been off that circuit for, I don't know, three or four years. But all of a sudden it's, ‘Hey, can you come wrestle?' It made me look at the businesses. Okay. I'm getting these offers. How am I going to come back? Well, GCW was the right fit. The right discussions took place between obviously Brett the owner and Gene Carlo, and Conrad (Thompson) was involved in some of those conversations. So that was a lot of fun."

"I got the mainstream press that reached out to me. There were a couple of different ways it went. I also did some international press that people in America aren't aware of off of that."

"Before Hammerstein, they were like, 'What are you doing? This character is different.' That was cool," he continued.

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"Hammerstein took off and then here in Nashville, the local entertainment lifestyle magazine called 'Nashville Scene', they do I think 15 or 20 most interesting people of Nashville for the year or something along those lines. They called me up and said, 'We understand that you've got a baseball thing going on.' I said, 'Yeah, that's new and I've got a gaming joint venture that just launched.' Nobody even knew about WrestleQuest at the time, except we did announce Moonsault Digital was coming out.' They said, 'And we heard you're back in the ring. We would like to talk to you about all this.' I got on the phone and they came up to the house and took quick pictures and the photoshoot. It was windy as hell and there weren't a lot of good pictures to come out of that. But anyhow, when I got on the phone for them to interview me about Nashville and my upbringing, I thought we were going to talk about baseball, video gaming, and wrestling at the Fairgrounds. You read that article and it’s 80% GCW, so GCW is a fun subject for me.”

Jeff was asked what decision he made during his career that he looks back on and says, “I made the wrong choice.”

"To me it's become really, really clear that the decision for me in 1995 at In Your House, not to do the Roadie storyline, I still stand by that. But I wish I would have walked out of the ring, walked to the back, and then gone in a dressing room and said, 'I know Vince ain't happy with me. I know I didn't do his angle, but I think I showed tonight that I really don't want to do it. Can we sit down and talk?', as opposed to me getting in the car, going home, and wanting cooler heads to prevail."

"I gave it a week or two, and then three weeks, then four weeks, and then five. I let it fester on both sides. Then the train fell off track. When me and Vince reconciled, his exact quote to me was, 'Well, Jeff, if you tell me it's cloudy outside, I'm gonna have to believe there's a hell of a chance that it's a thunderstorm going on right now. I knew you didn't like the storyline. I knew you weren't really feeling it. I had no idea you were that against it.'"

"So the bottom line is my lack of communication is on me, it's 100% on the employee, not the employer. That decision, I think, 'Man, that would have probably changed things in a couple of different ways in different avenues.' Look, I don't regret it. It's bygones be bygones, life took its course, and God had his hand in all of it. My lack of communication skills as a 26 or 27-year old man candidly sucked, and from time to time, they are still not that good."

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