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Jeff Jarrett shares his thoughts on his upcoming “Broken Skull Sessions” episode with Steve Austin

This week on “My World with Jeff Jarrett,” Jarrett talked about his upcoming “Broken Skull Sessions” episode and turning Don West heel in 2009.

Jeff Jarrett announced he will be appearing on Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Sessions airing in early June:

“I don’t know how long the conversation was and who knows what they will end up airing, but when they rolled tape, it was a lot of fun. I’ll just say that,” Jarrett said.

“It was a lot of fun walking down memory lane. He’s got a good recall. I know he has good researchers.”

“We talked about bus rides and Dallas and WWE. It was a trip down memory lane. His format is, ‘Let’s just roll tape and run with it.’ I can honestly say, without question, I never thought that event would take place.”

Jeff talking about TNA turning Don West heel in 2009:

“I hated it. I despised it. It made me furious,” Jeff revealed.

“A lot of things were going right, the ratings were good, and Dixie (Carter) wants to say, ‘But Don West doesn’t make sense. We need a heel color commentator.’ No, we don’t. Don West in a lot of ways was the fan’s man because that’s what he was when he first started. He still is to this day. He’s an infectious voice that can show great energy and enthusiasm. That’s what it brought to the table.”

“For whatever reason, whether Russo pitched it to Dixie or Dixie pitched it to Russo, to this day, I don’t really know, but they got on this kick. Dutch (Mantell) pulled me aside and he said, ‘I really want to know what you think.’ I said, ‘I think it’s insanity. I hate every bit of it. I think it’s wrong on every level and they are completely missing the point that yes, the TV product is the most important deal, but all of a sudden, Don is gonna be going to these live events, he’s a heel on TV, and he’s trying to sell merch?'”

“He was the rock star of the merchandise and the online sales department. Why fix something that wasn’t broken.”

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