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Photo Credit: Columbus Clippers

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Jerry Lawler clotheslines mascot at baseball game (video), top 10 brawls in the crowd, The New Day special

– At Friday’s Columbus Clippers baseball game, a hot dog mascot race started and then stopped when two of the hot dogs turned on the third with some wrestling moves. The moves included The Rock’s “People’s Elbow.” One of the hot dogs headed for the finish line when WWE Hall of Famer Jerry Lawler hit a clothesline, which put the mascot down. You can check it out here:

– WWE has uploaded the latest top 10 video to their YouTube channel, which features “Brawls in the Crowd.” As seen below, the video includes John Cena giving Edge a running bulldog off the steps, Seth Rollins diving out of the stands, and Sasha Banks defeating Charlotte Flair.

– WWE posted the full episode of The New Day’s Fantastic Ride, which included behind-the-scenes footage of their WrestleMania 33 experience.

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