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Jerry Lawler: "I never thought The Undertaker's streak should have been broken"



"The Jerry Lawler Show" podcast is back after a 2-month hiatus. On this week's episode, Jerry "The King" Lawler and co-host Sean Reedy discuss some current events but most of the podcast is dedicated to memories of The Undertaker.

Here are some highlights:

Jerry Lawler talked about ending the Undertaker’s losing streak at WrestleMania 30: “Everybody has their opinion about the streak. My own personal opinion, and I said it to a lot of people, nothing against Brock in any kind of way, but I’ve never agreed with that. I never thought the streak should have been broken. Calling that match, I went out there, and never, ever expected that to happen. I just thought the streak was going to go until the Undertaker retired, whenever he wanted to. You know the guy that they showed his picture a hundred times with his eyes as big as saucers? That’s the same look I had on my face when that three count went down. I was so totally shocked. I didn’t see it coming. I didn’t think it was good. But, I mean, who’s to say.” “If he was going to lose, he couldn’t have lost to a better Superstar than Brock. That made the most sense of anybody. The funny part of that question is, if he were going to lose. I would love to have been sitting around and be a part of how that conversation came up and who's idea that was.”

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Lawler gave his thoughts on the Boneyard Match: “I really enjoyed that and I think the way that match was put together, and the way the match was shot and filmed that I think that opened the door for, at least for me when I saw that, and realized how that was shot, Undertaker could have a match anytime he wanted to like this. Just change the situation and not do it in a wrestling ring again. Change wherever the match is going to take place and he could be like Sylvester Stallone. He could keep coming back and coming back. The match would be like a movie, but yea, it was still really good. I think most people bought that as being a fitting final match for The Undertaker.”

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