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Jerry Lawler listens and reacts to “Jim Ross: My Ass” song for the first time



Everyone knows that Jim Ross is the greatest play-by-play announcer in the history of professional wrestling. Even non-wrestling fans know his voice and over the last few years, fans have been dubbing his voice on famous sports and pop culture moments and that has propelled him to a new level of recognition amongst non-wrestling fans. If there's a brutal tackle in an NFL game then you can be sure that we'll hear audio posted somewhere of the clip with Ross saying "Bah God he's dead."

One of the first JR clips to go viral happened to be a song that used audio from WWE video games. The song was simply titled "Jim Ross: My Ass" and was created by a guy that was just trying to make his friend laugh. Little did he know that it would spread like wildfire on the internet. Ross eventually listened to the song and loved it but Jerry "The King" Lawler, who is also included on the track, has not heard it...until this week when his co-host played it for him on his podcast.

Co-host Glenn Moore explained that the song has been around for a decade or so and it includes actual soundbytes of Ross' actual voice. If you haven't listened to "My Ass" and "My Ass 2" or you just want to hear it again, then check out the audio below of Lawler listening for the first time. As Gene Okerlund would say..."it's a classic."

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