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Jerry Lawler phased out of WWE programming



For those of you that have asked, Jerry "The King" Lawler will no longer be a part of weekly WWE programming. Lawler had been working on the pre-shows before Raw and pay-per-view in recent months after he was moved off of Smackdown. He is still under a Legends contract so that means that he can be called to do stuff for the WWE Network or host events like the Hall Of Fame ceremony.

The company plans on bringing in more guests hosts to fill in on the pre-show panels before pay-per-views. The Raw pre-show is now being hosted by Charly Caruso and Booker T. This might not be the only announcing shake-up. The addition to Tom Phillips to the Smackdown Live announce team has sparked speculation that Phillips is about to replace someone.

Mauro Ranallo stated on twitter on Monday that he still has years left on his current WWE deal.

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