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Jerry Lawler podcast: did WWE plant the beach balls?, Cody Rhodes says ROH hates that he is a free agent

Thanks to Glenn Moore for the following:

On this week’s edition of ‘Dinner With The King’, co-hosts Jerry “The King” Lawler and Glenn Moore dedicated their episode to the late Dusty Rhodes. King talked about their interactions over the years, including booking against each other in Memphis. Plus, The King goes over some of the matches they had over the years.

Cody Rhodes joins the show to preview his match with The King, which will happen Friday night for Northeast Wrestling. The match is for the NEW Heavyweight Championship and Ring of Honor Championship. Cody and King banter back and forth, but Cody does give clarification on his current situation, the Cody Rhodes name, and more. Interview starts at 39 minute mark of show.

His current situation:

“Ring of Honor hates the fact that I genuinely remained a free agent; I did not sign a contract with them.

I signed on for various dates, and I have many dates left with them. I really like Ring of Honor. But I’m not going to be exclusive anywhere. I did exclusive.”

Post WWE career:

“This is the happiest I’ve been in my career. It’s been so rewarding to get out there and do my own schedule. I’m very much a happy man. It’s a cool time.”

On the Cody Rhodes name and WWE owning it:

“It’s a very simple matter of if I want to ask for my last name, if I want to ask for Cody Rhodes back to perform under it — I perform under it at non-televised events, it’s no secret to the fans that’s my last name — but when it comes to television, that’s WWE’s intellectual property. And I am wholeheartedly sure that if I were to ask them to go by Rhodes, they would have no problem.

But I don’t mind going by just Cody. I think there’s something cool about it.”

Also, King reviews SummerSlam, and gives his takes on beach balls at events, saying “I wouldn’t doubt for one minute that WWE supplied those beach balls to the crowd.” He also talks about Jim Ross on NXT commentary, hinting that was thrown together last minute.

Also, when asked about The Undertaker backstage at SummerSlam:

“I did not see or hear him mentioned at all [backstage at SummerSlam]. I dress in the talent relations room where at one point or another everybody on the card came through that room and I never saw him. But you know what? Here’s something that I just realized. He may have been there because they were doing scans for a new game. Everybody that was on the show that night, myself included, had to be scanned. This company, it’s not the 2K people, it’s a different game that’s gonna be coming out next year. So everybody had to have their face scans and their body scans.”

You can listen to the full episode below:

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