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Jerry Lawler provides update on Memphis Wrestling library possibly being added to WWE Network



Thanks to Glenn Moore for the following:

On the second episode of Dinner With The King, hosted by Jerry “The King” Lawler and Glenn Moore, The King gives an update to the possibility of the Memphis wrestling library being available on the WWE Network in the near future.

“Yes, I do own [the library]. There’s just some controversy about USWA footage, which would have been from ’88 to ’96. But all the other, from ’77 to ’88 and from ’96 on, yeah, I own that footage.”

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When asked about the library being on the WWE Network, his answer was, “Yes, absolutely. Without a doubt.”

In this episode, he also talks about the leaked photos and videos of Paige and how it’s unfortunate. He also comments on Jim Cornette inducting the Rock ’n’ Roll Express into the WWE Hall of Fame later this month and whose idea it might have been.

He also comments on Jim Ross’ wife, Jan, and her recent accident.

You can listen to the latest episode by clicking on the player below.